Battle Dungeon: Risen App Reviews

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Did not like it at all refund would be nice had it for hour or so

Nice game! Build and improve on it, please.

Nice graphics/atmosphere, good controls/UI, nice gameplay, few (minor) bugs. Good game! There are some points Id like to see expansion/improvement on: - No story, no campaign. COME ON, TELL US A TALE! - 12 maps are OK in the beginning. ADD SOME MORE!

So far so good.

I purchased the game just a few hours ago. So far, I must say this game has a lot of potentiel. The gameplay is well made and I had no difficulty navigating around the menus. You can purchase a lot of items and everything can be purchased with gold you get from playing, you dont have to spent more money into the game (in app purchase). This game is worth a try for sure.

Great turn-based game

Great game with lots of in-depth game play. Was disappointed when it disappeared originally (pirates, argh!). Hope the game keeps improving with new content and the multiplayer and unique AI implemented before return in some way.


A well made fantasy dungeon crawl TBS, recommend


Quite a good tactical dungeon crawl! Will tide me over until Warhammer Quest arrives later this spring.


One of the best game i have played on ipod, but little to short!

Interface too small and clumsy

Could be good, but the interface elements are so small that theyre tedious and tiring to read. It takes the fun out of the game.

A good RPG turn-based game!

Cool game, best part is the innovative gameplay( playing RPG in potrait mode), however, it needs a good storyline and more maps to play in. Hopefully in the next update!

New turn based rpg game

exelent but too dark and short world

Pretty amazing.

Hope for additional content in future updates, but even with whats offered theres plenty of hours of gameplay and tons of things to see & do. Loving it. Thanks!

Great turn based strategy

I finally got a couple of hours to play and found out There are throwing knives! I always like to play characters that use throwing knives :). And besides the knives, there are so many character combinations to experiment with. The turn based combat is also pretty slick and fun. As others have said, great game!

Great game!

Having a blast playing - looking forward to future content from a great developer - highly recommended!

Not an RPG game

Not sure what to call it, but its certainly not an RPG game, more like a chess game when you move from one circle to another. Terrible. Instant delete. Dont buy.

SRPG at its best

Great squad level SRPG!


Spent my money and am disappointed. There is only a limited number of levels and the gameplay is quite slow. Be sure to turn off move confirmation in the options if you dont want to be bored to death. Also, can buy new equipment in marketplace, but it seems impossible to equip it! Gameplay confusing with unknown cleric abilities and little explanation. Hopefully next update will make me not wish for my money back.

Good Turn based strategy game

Good Turn based strategy game with a d&d setting. Needs some UI ease of use and better explanations to what spells and abilities do. Leveling abilities, buying, equipping and selling can be confusing. Battle info is lacking. (Health, level, spells) Even with the confusing interface its still an enjoyable game. Hope they improve on it.


A great tactics game. The lack of elements/status effects is my only gripe. Otherwise, a great game.

Fun Turn-Based Strategy

This is a Medieval Fantasy Turn-Based Strategy Game with some RPG elements. If that sounds like fun, then youll probably enjoy this game.


Very good game. Nice gameplay too. Just needs more levels and more available characters. Also, wifi or something. Finally if you could add like a quick game or something;also a level editor. (If possible)

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